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The funniest thing is that with all the star power on hand for this flick, relative unknown Tom Papa as the voice of Superbeasto steals the show.

He is a washed up super hero, a sell-out who does commercials for anything. Ass tattoo xxx. Sep 4, Messages: If it were satire it wouldn't be sexy: At one point, the dead come out of their graves and start arguing about whether they are the second coming of the Third Reich or the first coming of the Fourth Reich. Velvet von black nude. Oh yeah, she gets it on with Murray in the last moments of the flick. So, now we know. Yes, I just said that. Dr Satan has everything, he has a lair, minions, and is plotting to take over the world.

These scenes are that funny. He is the star and covers them in pizza sauce and parmesan cheese, and now I thought this is not how most people do porn, but then they turn into monsters and he kills them.

Not a huge fan of the artstyle but those indeed looked rather good. Satan is assisted by Otto, his put-upon monkey assistant who speaks in an English accent. Velvet has a houchie mama voice and is quite the willing kidnap victim. Girls pussy juice. The film goes like this: El Superbeasto is a vain, arrogant man. Unbeknownst to Suzi and Superbeasto, Dr Satan is actually someone from their childhood, a boy who was obsessed with her and tormented by him. Far from a forlorn princess in distress, she's a vile, aggressive and gassy bitch of a character.

There's also a good 30 minutes of alternate and deleted scenes that aren't finished, which were a bit of a struggle for me. Obviously this catfight is tongue-in-cheek and is supposed to be satirical or whatever, but it's still got some legit ryona action bellypunching, head slamming, facesitting, crushing. This film is gloriously childish. This is perfect for Velvet, who is constantly smoking and telling everyone what do.

Considering what that man gets away with in live-action movies, I could only imagine what he had in store for us with a mature-rated cartoon. Satan, who has her kidnapped after finding out that she bears the mark of the devil on her arse, she realises that their unholy union would entitle her to half of his belongings and contents herself with getting drunk and cashing in.

Otto disliked the mission and hated Von Black even more because of her profanity. She earned the attention of Dr. Yes, I enjoy random loss of parts arms, legs, heads… and El Supebeasto, our hero, makes it funny!

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All men see during a catfight is lesbian sex.

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Strangely missing from the bonus content is the man presenting the whole shebang, Rob Zombie. She enlarges one boob which knocks Suzi in the face. Wendy williams nude images. Log in or Sign up. Calling on his sister, femme-fatale Suzi-X, for help, El Superbeasto sets off to rescue von Black, encountering Nazi zombies, horror icons, a confused man with an arse full of rats and a weathered prisoner with the biggest set of balls you've ever seen along the way. She has the power to manipulate any part of her body, as found in her striptease at the club.

The movie moves very quick, with the a quick interview and then a segueway into the porn shoot. Yes, I enjoy random loss of parts arms, legs, heads… and El Supebeasto, our hero, makes it funny! He is on his back, so that Suzi has to lay on top of him, and she steers the car with a shaft confidently placed in his crotchal region.

Zombie pays homage to so may different films here and voice work is done by so many famous actors. She is the opposite of El Superbeasto, as she actually wants to save the world from the forces of evil. Satan would be a powerful and muscular version of himself, possessing all the powers of hell and rule the world.

Her boobs are so huge that she can actually punch people out with them. I'm not sure if it's entirely satirical though Unbeknownst to Suzi and Superbeasto, Dr Satan is actually someone from their childhood, a boy who was obsessed with her and tormented by him. Consider subscribing to our rss feed! This film is gloriously childish. Black ass full of cum. Velvet von black nude. And along with Velvet Von Black, we have the catfight. The list of naughty things that make me laugh is now so long that you could publish it as several titter-some hardback volumes.

She is voiced by Rosario Dawson, and she is sooo funny. Also a scene near the beginning where Superbeasto has sex on camera with two women who transform into monsters werewolf and gorgonand he kills them, but it's way way less exciting than it sounds IMO.

A foxy blonde with an eye patch and a cleavage that's so eye catching you may find yourself missing several minutes of the film, Suzi is a real action hero. SquigglySwagJun 26, As a matter of fact, if you are a male, and you are interested in girls and gore and all things Rob Zombie, this is the movie for you. Brian Posehn, in particular, does a cracking job as the sexually frustrated and hyper-horny robot assistant to Suzi X.

She also doesn't like to be rushed, bothered, and is money hungry. Lorri bagley nude pics. I think the framerate got a bit messed up. When Velvet attempts to use her power of inflating her breats.

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