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This is the image Kelsie has in her head of how a Marine should be, especially a non-commissioned officer. Fuck local girls near me. Where does it say that all the pictures shared, were ones the women consented to?

This kind of behavior will continue until other men speak out against it. McGinnis says this is not the Corps her daughter was raised to know. Kelsie stone nude. Stone works as a bartender in an area with many Marines, and said that the pictures, which she sent to her boyfriend when they were dating, have elicited some unwanted comments. Before he got booted from the group, LaPorta said, he saw the members' brazen response to being outed. Celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day in style.

Commandant of US Marine Corps speaks out against those involved in nude photo scandal The Marine Corps' nude photo-sharing scandal is even worse than first realized International Women's Day spotlight: There was no rule, however, against posting naked images of "Wooks" or "Wookies" -- a mean-spirited comparison of female Marines to Star Wars' Chewbacca -- to a shared drive, LaPorta said. Ronald Green, the most senior enlisted Marine who is on active-duty, said in an email to Reveal.

Robert Neller faced more than two hours of questioning on Tuesday from angry senators, who believe the new investigation into whether Marines shared nude photos of women without their consent and harassed the women online represents a cultural problem within the Corps. About 13, soldiers from seven countries, Thailand, U. The four women who came forward publicly either declined further comment to PEOPLE, did not immediately have a comment or could not be reached.

There must be some natural attraction between sluts and Marines. Nude melanie brown. While some people see this scandal as part of a larger problem in military culture, other spouses seem less surprised. Just wanted to give an update ". The Most Controversial Celebrities to Last threads You will live to see pedophilia rebranded as a sexual orientation like This behavior hurts fellow Marines, family members, and civilians. Brennan was quickly kicked out of the group and correctly suspected he would be met with threats, LaPorta said.

If you think the 30,strong private Facebook group that was sharing nude images of female Marines has been shut down, guess again. She says men have even approached her at the local tavern where she works. Your best mortgage rates for May Subscribe to discover fast, unlimited access.

CNN is reporting that the private Facebook group sharing nude photos of females Marines has moved to a new page on the social media site called Marines United 2, discovered by an ex-Marine freelance journalist.

The drive, disseminated in January, contained more than two dozen women's names, ranks and units, according to Brennan's reporting. They can be seen here in The women whose images were posted brought this on themselves, several commenters wrote, saying that if they didn't want their nude photos circulated, they shouldn't have taken them, LaPorta said. Marines register to vote for the presidential election.

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The Most Controversial Celebrities to Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command, attended the hearing. Lesbian piss lovers. It is unclear the status of the original Facebook group and replacement groups may have been created in the wake of the scandal, to avoid further scrutiny. The journalist who first broke the story, Thomas Brennan, is a Marine veteran and founder of the news website, The War Horse.

More than two dozen female Marines and civilians have come forward saying naked photos of them were shared on a secret Facebook page called 'Marines United. Audra said she hopes some good can come out of the emerging scandal that is drawing attention from law enforcement investigators and Capitol Hill.

Former Marine Kally Wayne told ABC News that her ex-boyfriend, also a Marine, allegedly shared a sex tape they had made together to the private group Marines United, forcing her into at least a year of harassment.

Rockefeller Art Auction Went Crazy. Headquarters Marine Corps released a statement condemning the service members' behavior.

The military is asking victims or anyone with information to report it online or by phone ator to contact a chaplain or Victim Legal Counsel. The person who originally posted the link to the folder was a former Marine working as a government contractor.

Consenting or not it was wrong, but the girls were idiots, the ones that put nude photos up on the internet to begin with. Don't miss the biggest stories of the day. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is currently looking into the matterwith at least one US Marine having been discharged as a result of the Facebook group misconduct. News Obits Business Sports Go! Melania Trump signed a legally binding contract permitting those photographs to be shown, and the photographs were taken with her consent.

No women, for one. Myfanwy waring nude. There must be some natural attraction between sluts and Marines. Kelsie stone nude. It has nothing to do with brotherhood and loyalty and everything to do with self-indulgent bullying. One group member who filmed a female corporal without her knowledge while she was in uniform picking up gear has allegedly been removed from active duty.

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Audra said that she has even received messages from a man who said he knew when and where she deployed before asking her to have sex with him.

Subscribe to our other newsletters. No talking about Marines United. He made her a target because it wasn't long after that that Kelsie started getting comments, people coming into her work. In one case, members urged the provider of photos of a woman at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, to videotape an assault on her, "for science," Brennan reported.

Adam Carlson and Char Adams March 08, A military official told CNN that dozens of current or former Marines could be implicated, but Reveal reports that hundreds of Marines are under investigation in connection with the group. Marines patiently wait to be called for 'chow time' Don't have an account?

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