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Upvote me, downvote me I don't care. I'm just noting some slight surface-level similarities in their characters. Sexy milf gets fucked. Almost as if you could slip through a thin place between worlds and visit Vince's place.

Because it was his birthday. Julie ann emery nude pics. Now watch as I get downvoted to oblivion again for saying so Breaking Bad conditioned me to not be sure what was going to happen, and its definitely carried over onto BCS.

They've gone on record with this it was a shock to him. Violation of these rules may result in a ban: Did Craig really embezzle that money on his own? She treated him like garbage.

Where can I find more? I hope we have not seen the last of the Kettlemans. We took our time, and were able to explore the characters and who they could be. No, Betsy is the one in charge. If something works, keep using it. African milf porn. Tone of voice, attitude, etc is very, very key in how people perceive a character. She's probably crying over her husband going to prison, what her kids will think, the money etc. Whether she doesn't care about her husband going to prison, or is just in denial about being able to get away with everything isn't certain.

I was off getting some coffee. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

But painting everyone with a loaded buzzword doesn't get anyone anywhere. There was a lot of better ways of handling it. Did you watch BrBa binge style or episode a week? Anybody think she's going to make a similar transformation or is this just season 1 storyline?

Pretty sure she was probably the one who convinced him to steal the money in the first place, I don't really see him doing it on his own. Walt is the protagonist. Vince always impresses me with how much of the storyline he can alter on the fly and still manage to have things unfold as if it was the plan all along.

I've been trying to find a word to define Mr. You must use our spoiler link flair if there are spoilers in the body of your post. It also wasn't every day, and when she walked out I think it's important to contextualise. Hot lesbian threesome sex videos. Twist possibilities so far:

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Probably do some Mike ninja shit and drop it off in a place it will be found, but no one knows how. Looking at tits. Early on, Skyler gets in his way. You're right that it's everything combined. She keeps saying things like you're the kind of lawyer guilty people hire, or that deals are for murderers etc. Julie ann emery nude pics. I personally think Marie was the primary "cunty bitch" from breaking bad.

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Nothing else happens with Kettelmans and it was just a good half season story arc. She has never appeared nude. K has it in him to "break bad", nor does he seem to have any of the latent megalomania that Walt had pre-diagnosis. The way some folks talk about Betsy is super uncomfortable. Www xxx sexy movis. Also Walt was abusing her and using his baby and son as props before she cheated on him.

I can't think of anything better than "goober" though. No, Betsy is the one in charge. He does have a point though. All the "bad" things that Skyler did was a counter to something even worse by Walt. If something works, keep using it. She is most likely in denial that they're not going to get away with the crime she obviously coaxed her husband into doing. Nope, because plenty of people symathised with her throughout the first 4 seasons.

The only option was to give back the money, something she absolutely did not want to do, and the only risk of not doing so before was that her husband went to jail for 30 years. Young naked girls videos. Not all by any means, but a very large proportion. Pretty sure Mike isn't going to hand the money to them personally, and explain the situation.

Four pieces of bacon isn't going to give him a heart attack, let the guy have some bacon on his 50th. She's probably crying over her husband going to prison, what her kids will think, the money etc. Vince Gilligan directed the first episode, and pretty immediately after we directed the big scene in the diner, there was a desire for a lot more — which is a great and very humbling compliment from this group of filmmakers, for sure.

I notice that Betsy is wearing bright red, while Craig is only wearing pink. But the way she breaks down when she realizes he has to go to jail. Someone else mentioned that Walt said he felt like he's never had a choice in his life and she completely disregarded him saying that, when you look at that, other than taking the money from Grey matter what was he going to do?

Remember to ground yourself. Not an endearing quality.

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While having a side conversation. OP, keep us updated on this, please! Binge and binge, the first two seasons took me like a year to watch through. Party girls flashing pussy. No, Betsy is the one in charge. Kettelmans needed the money for similar reasons to Walt and were forced to take the money. But of course reddit brands her as just a money hungry she devil. Big ass mature nude Julie ann emery nude pics. Now that BrBa had ended and the whole story has unfolded everyone is seemingly taking sides with Sklar Skyler Pretty sure she was probably the one who convinced him to steal the money in the first place, I don't really see him doing it on his own.

They only would lose the money if they accepted the deal, as returning the money was part of admitting guilt. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Nice to see you again! I honestly kept seeing her delusionally hoping to be able to keep the money and avoid Craig's jail time.

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Hot blonde lesbian porn Would just leave the house every day and not tell Walt where she was going - this is not how you solve problems, even if Walt is allegedly hiding something from you.
Naked girl mc skin I still hate the cunt from S1.
Nude black milf pics It's just little things like this that made me dislike her.
Ass solo milf Not sure what to expect though. BRB, getting more coffee. Early on, when you can still reasonably justify Walt's actions, Skyler's treatment of Walt, from the perspective of Breaking Bad, makes her look terrible, even if she isn't an especially bad person.
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