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Outdoor Christmas lights. There are good years and bad years! What’s the status in your neighborhood?


Old Fayette County Courthouse with Christmas lights
Over the years, it has not escaped my notice that the quantity and quality
of outdoor holiday displays vary from season to season. Some years are just better than others.

It is not unlike the color change of autumn, in which a variety of external forces affect the brightness of the tones and the palette of the hues and how long the leaves will hang on to the limbs!

Likewise, the deployment of Christmas lights is often affected by weather, scheduling conflicts, illness or finances. Sometimes, it just a lack of time or ambition!

My wife and I like to explore area neighborhoods and use the displays as indicators of whether or not the same family still lives in the house. It’s a wonderful way to check the continuity and stability of a neighborhood!

And this year? It’s still a little early and the jury is still out, but we have had some nasty weekends and the lights seem to bit a bit behind, but many of our favorite places have met the challenge with gusto!

Holiday light-looking is still a great activity that doesn’t cost a dime and really does “make the season bright,”

I am curious about other areas of the country and whether or not they typically have a lot of outdoor lights.

And is it a good light year in your area in 2009?

Photo: Old Fayette County Courthouse with snow and Christmas lights



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