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To stir anew with freshened breaths,

To stir anew with freshened breaths by Richard WeisserAwake and conquer Slumber’s depths,
To stir anew with freshened breaths,
Invigorate the immortal soul.
In snow white linen garments stroll!

    (R Weisser 2014)

Whether or not one is of a religious bent, Spring is a time for renewal.

As nature literally comes back to life in the Northern Hemisphere, it is practically impossible to not experience a surge of vigor and a dousing of optimism.

It’s a time of awakening. The season promotes new growth.


And I for one, and glad to be a part of it!

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4 commentsRichard Weisser • April 20 2014 06:59AM
To stir anew with freshened breaths,
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