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How much of your creative legacy exists only in virtual format?

How much of your creative legacy exists only in virtual format by Richard WeisserIt’s not really something that I have thought about before in this light, But maybe I should.

I write a good bit and I publish it online. And I back up my articles religiously.

But my work only exists in electronic formats. It takes a device of some sort to open the data and interpret it.

So what will the world be like twenty years after I’m gone? What about ten? Or even five?

There is no drawer full of paper that could be discovered by a descendent or heir. No shoebox left for discovery.

Only blips on screens and whirls of motors and pulses of electricity that may or may not be accessible at some point in the future.

No piles of photo albums, no private letters. When we cease to exist, our legacy will perish with us.

In my case, most would applaud that result.


But it’s something to think about!

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11 commentsRichard Weisser • October 29 2014 04:25AM
How much of your creative legacy exists only in virtual format?
It’s not really something that I have thought about before in this light, But maybe I should. I write a good bit and I publish it online. And I back up my articles religiously. But my work only exists in electronic formats It takes a device… more
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