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Five sure-fire tips to make your business phone start ringing again!

Five sure-fire tips to make your phone start ringing again by Richard WeisserSlumps!

We all have them from time to time. Those little lulls in the business cycle that make us wonder if the phone will ever start ringing again.

Fortunately, there are some sure-fire ways to jump-start  activity and most are relatively  easy to implement.

So here we go:

  1. Take a vacation. This one NEVER fails. Plan a few days out of town and you will be inundated with phone calls and texts. There is an interesting axiom associated with this phenomenon…the more expensive the vacation the more likely you will spend it on the phone or texting!
  2. Forget to turn your ringer off during an important meeting, or while attending a wedding or a memorial service. The axiom here is generally this…the quieter the assembly, the more likely the phone is to ring. The “moment of silence” will almost always make you wish you didn’t select that edgy ringtone!
  3. Remember to turn you ringer off during an important meeting. Then forget to turn it back on after the meeting has concluded.. When you look at your phone hours later and realize that it has been silenced you will surely have mistsed many important calls and texts! Axiom…The less you check the  silenced phone, the more likely it will be that you missed important communications.
  4. Take a shower in the middle of the day. Believe it or not, this works. I don’t know how it works, but it does. Axiom…The wetter your surroundings are, the more likely the phone will ring.
  5. Take your number off the do not call registry. Even telemarketers buy and sell houses. Always start the conversation with a friendly “I’m really glad you called!” And of course, while you are talking to the telemarketer, you will have several incoming calls. Axiom…Being engaged with the least likely client will always take your time away from potential good clients!

I am certain that there are other ways to get the phone ring but these five tips rarely fail.


How about you? Do you know of any interesting ways to make your phone ring?


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